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Praxis für Zahnaerztliche Chirurgie und Implantologie
(Practice for dental surgery and implantology)
Dr. Stefan Moeller, Herzberger Landstr. 25 a, 37085 Goettingen, Germany
phone: +49 551 58889, fax: +49 551 58829
e-Mail: info(at),

Responsible supervisory body:
Kassenzahnaerztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (association of statutory health insurance dentists Lower Saxony), Zeissstr. 11, 30519 Hannover, Germany

Responsible chamber:
Zahnaerztekammer Niedersachsen (dental chamber Lower Saxony), Koerperschaft des oeffentlichen Rechts (corporate of the public right)

Occupational title:
Dentist (awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany)

Vocational law regulations:
– Gesetz über die Ausuebung der Zahnheilkunde vom 16.04.1987 (German law concerning the execution of dentistry of 16th April 1987, BGBI I, p. 1225), last modified on 4th December 2001 (BGBI I, p. 3325)

Responsible for content (in accordance with German law as per § 10 section 3 MDStV):
Dr. med. dent. Stefan Moeller, Herzberger Landstr. 25 a, 37085 Goettingen, Germany

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