The fitness programme for your teeth
Beautiful and healthy teeth are appealing. They signalise vitality and vigour. People with a bright smile look friendly and self-confident. Maintain this vibrancy and certainty with the help of our prophylaxis programme.

Regular prevention instead of lifelong treatment
Caries and parodontitis are infectious diseases caused by bacteria. These bacteria change sugar and carbohydrates from food into acids. This affects the teeth and the gums. Results of this are toothache, gum bleeding, agomphiasis and eventually the loss of teeth. Together, we can treat or avoid this with the help of our professional prevention programme. Caries and parodontitis can be avoided by looking into the causes and by then applying a cause-related prophylaxis treatment.

The saliva test
By thoroughly examining your saliva, we can find out how much you are at risk with regard to caries and parodontitis. Depending on your personal caries risk, we draft an individual prophylaxis programme for you.

Professional tooth cleaning
Professional tooth cleaning is an important part of our prophylaxis programme. It can only be carried out in the practice and outreaches domestic dental care to a large extent. In professional tooth cleaning, your teeth get cleansed of persistent plaque in a gentle way and afterwards, they are thoroughly polished and fluoridated. Bacteria causing parodontitis and caries get reduced. This protects you from harmful bacteria, caries and parodontitis in an optimum way for weeks.
If required, we inform you about tooth-friendly nutrition and effective domestic dental care at the same time.

The fluoridation
As an additional protection for your teeth, individual tooth surfaces are treated with a bonding varnish containing fluoride, in particular the interspaces, which are susceptible to caries, and the sensitive necks of the teeth. This protects the dental enamel from aggressive acids in an optimum way. The susceptibility of your teeth to caries is reduced by a multiple.

The costs
The statutory health insurances cover the expenses of an individual prophylaxis for children and adolescents aged between 6 and 18. A prophylaxis for adults costs between 50 and 70 EUR, depending on effort. Scaling is still covered by the statutory health insurances once per year. This does, however, not apply to intensive cleansing.

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